Hi, I’m Alison! I’m a photographer based in the north of Bristol and specialise in families, children, maternity, babies and events. I work mostly in Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham and any area in between!

I LOVE photography. I love making pictures. I love making a memory. I’ve been fascinated by the creativity of photography for a really really long time. I’ve been lucky to travel the world photographing a lot of faces and places and I love the way a photo can bring back a memory, spark an emotion or let you share a story. Travelling and also discovering the world of being a parent myself have led me to the job I do today. It gives me the space to be creative on my own terms and also work to my own schedule.

I trained as a graphic designer years ago and went on to do lots of darkroom work mastering the art of making black and white prints. And now, thanks to digital technology, I’m able to make great images in half the time!

Making honest artistic pictures is what I do best. I enjoy meeting people, putting them at ease and documenting a little slice of their life! My goal is to produce beautiful emotive images that become lifelong memories for you and your family.


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