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So, what’s the best age for photographing babies? That first year of life comes with so many changes and every stage is beautiful to photograph, in my opinion. Babies are considered newborns up until 2 months, and photos at this age are typically in parents’ arms or down sleeping, with a few moments of alertness. I prefer photographing newborns around the 2-week mark – baby acne tends to arrive around 3 weeks. So, if your goal is to get soft-skinned and snuggly photos, you’re best planning a session before week two.

At 2 to 5 months, babies are more awake, expressive, smiley, and engaging. There’s also tummy time! A great photo opp as they master raising their heads and strengthening their arms. I really love capturing this, and there’s a beautiful brief moment just after they’ve raised their heads when they gaze around and the light hits the top of their eyes. Amazing!

At 6-9 months, babies are sitting up (some photographers will refer to this as a “sitter” session) and ready for family portraits and sitting alone. The photos below are of a 6-month-old baby girl, who was exploring her world and happy to sit with her mum and dad for some photos, and even interact with the stranger behind the camera!

7 to 10 months can come with separation anxiety and teething. Having said that, if your baby’s relaxed and happy, it’s a lovely age to photograph. Babies are crawling and just about ready to tackle standing up and those wobbly moments are photos to really remember!

By 12 months, your little human is getting ready to take their first steps, or they might already be walking. Clapping, laughing, enjoying throws up into the air, the fun has begun! Obviously, their first birthday is a special one, and capturing their reactions to candles, decorations, and presents for the first time is wonderful!

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