Newborn and baby photography Somerset


Newborn + baby photoshoots in Somerset

Hi, I’m a newborn and baby photographer working across Somerset. My photography is all about natural connection, real moments, and genuine feeling – this is lifestyle photography. A nice relaxed way to document your baby’s first few weeks and months in the world. There are photographers that offer beautiful stylized baby portraits, which may include dressing your little one up, posing them, and using props. My focus is more about capturing your baby as they are, interacting naturally with their environment and with their new family.

Why choose a newborn photoshoot at home?

A home newborn photo session can be safer for your baby than going into a studio. It avoids taking them into a public place in their first few weeks when their immune systems are delicate (studios photograph a lot of different ages of children who may bring along a few bugs with them). A home photo session avoids having to organise and pack up an enormous bag of stuff for an outing with your newborn! I photograph family connection and love. Being at home with your family allows me to do this with ease. Everyone feels more relaxed and you have everything you need!

When is a good time to arrange a newborn photoshoot?

Babies are considered newborns up until 2 months. I prefer photographing newborns around the 2-week mark – baby acne tends to arrive around 3 weeks. Most of my expecting parents book a session while they’re still pregnant. I will put your due date in my diary and wait for you to contact me after your baby is born. We can then pick a convenient date for me to come and do the session. If your baby is already born, just contact me and I’ll get you booked in.

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