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Family Photography
Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham


I am a lifestyle family photographer and work with families across Bristol, Bath and Cheltenham. My aim is to capture beautiful natural images of you and your children to produce a special record that will bring pleasure in your lifetime, theirs, and for the generations to come.

A lifestyle photography session lets you and your children be yourselves in a familiar place, capturing all those silly expressions, pouting, crying, laughing & gymnastics as they happen! A relaxed family portrait, playing in the garden, running around a park or exploring somewhere new, my aim is to create lasting memories you’ll have forever.

Invest in great photos of your family. Children keep growing and time waits for no one!

Your family photo session

Photo sessions can take place either at your home or at a location of your choice (Bristol, Bath or Cheltenham area). I will travel to your location and spend approximately one hour creating lots of natural pictures of your family.

During the session, I will give a little direction and guidance so that I can use the best light. I might ask you to look down, look up, look at your baby, look at each other, for example, but mostly I’m just creating a space and opportunities for connections to happen naturally.

After the session, I will edit the best photos and around two weeks later you will receive a password to a private online gallery of these images (usually around 50 pictures from a one-hour session). Once you have seen your gallery of photos, you can choose which pictures you would like to have with one of the packages below.

Thank you for considering my work! I would love the opportunity to photograph you and those you love! Please note that sessions are limited. At this time, I book no more than six sessions a month on a first come first served basis. In order to secure a spot for a session you must pay a £50 deposit which goes towards your package.

Digital packages

BRONZE Photo session + 10 pictures £150
SILVER Photo session + 20 pictures £200
GOLD Photo session + all pictures £300

Prints & Products

Pictures can’t be enjoyed sitting in a drawer on a USB or on your computer. Get them printed and display your family proudly on the walls of your home! I offer prints, frames & books. Please get in touch for details.


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