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Baby photography with covid restrictions I’ve had quite a lot of people ask me about baby photography with covid restrictions lately! The pictures below were done for a couple when there were tier 3 restrictions in Bristol. Their little one was 6 months old at the time of the photo shoot, and we met at a park near their home one weekday. Sanitised and masked, I used my long lens and everything went smoothly. They really didn’t want to miss out on capturing their child at this precious age, having decided to not go ahead with a newborn photo shoot during the first lockdown. Every age is so adorable and special to capture! Just because you can’t have photos done within the first couple of weeks, doesn’t mean you won’t end up with photos you’ll treasure forever.

We’re now into a full lockdown again so obviously this type of photo session is no longer an option. However, as soon as covid restrictions are eased slightly, I can certainly resume sessions like these and also restart indoor newborn photoshoots. If you’re new parents and haven’t managed to get any nice pictures of your fresh little human yet, it’s not too late!

Are you still taking bookings?
Yes, most of my clients book well in advance. I’ll pencil in your due date and we’ll see what the government guidance is at the time of the birth. If it looks impossible, as it is now, you’ll be in line for the first opportunity we get as soon as covid restrictions are eased. Or with a bit of luck, there’ll be more flexibility and I can come and do the newborn session at your home a week or two after the birth.

The image shows a mother holding her baby during an outdoor baby photo session in Bristol

Two images, one black and white showing a baby girl and her father and the other a family sitting on a bench in a park

Two images, one black and white showing a baby's hand holding their father's finger and another one in colour

This image shows a mother holding baby in a park during a photoshoot

Baby photoshoot in a park

Two images, one black and white showing parents holding their baby between them, baby is smiling, the other is mother and baby close up

This image shows father and baby during a photoshoot in a park in Bristol


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