This beautiful wedding ceremony took place at the All Saints Church in Bath, followed by a reception party at Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire. The weather on the day was a little challenging and unpredictable. There were bursts of bright sunshine one minute and huge gusts of wind the next which meant rescuing the bride’s veil several times during the reception! Plenty of champagne and laughs to celebrate this lovely couple… Here are a few of my favourites from the day…


bridesmaids waiting for bride to arrive at church

confetti being prepared

bride arriving at church

bride at entrance to church

bridesmaids sitting together

bridesmaids singing

bride and groom exchanging rings

bride and groom kneeling altar

guests throwing confetti

guest congratulating bride

bridesmaid laughing

bridesmaid smiling

guest congratulating groom

groom laughing with guest

bride and groom table decorations

decorated table

wedding speeches

wedding speeches - guests clapping

wedding speeches - guests laughing

wedding speeches - mother crying

bride and groom in garden

bride and groom walking together


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